It can be performed with a wide variety of metals, and, when done correctly, it produces a high-quality and high-purity weld compared with other joining processes, which is crucial in many applications. The price of TIG welding services is also usually quite affordable. Compared to other welding methods, TIG welding utilizes less amperage. This might seem like a disadvantage at first, but it really helps the TIG welder. When a torch uses a high amperage amount, it is great for thick and large metal bars, but not so good with thin pieces of metal. With a low-amperage torch, the TIG welder can work on thin pieces of metal and all the other kinds of metals that cannot take on high amperages.

TIG welding is considered to be more versatile than other welding methods. A big part of this is because its lower amperage and foot mechanism allows the welder to change amperage. A welder can go from working on thin pieces of metal to working on thick ones, welding intricate
designs together without leaving obvious welding marks. The TIG welder is small, almost similar to a pen, which allows welders to use it for practically any kind of purpose. The inert gas used allows it to work on various metals. Helium is best for copper and stainless steel, argon is best for titanium and steel, and helium and argon combination is best for aluminum and allows that include aluminum.

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