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We are committed to providing the best possible result for our customers. This means interacting 

and communicating timely with customers to foster trust and respect. Having a customer’s focus 

also means collaborating seamlessly within our team to deliver quality services value and 

extending ourselves when needed to achieve customer objective. 

We value unconditionally honest, open and transparent communication. Honesty at means that 

we take responsibility for our own words and actions, meet our obligations and seek out 

Opportunities to give credit where it is our environment is characterized by honest communication, 

Providing the opportunity for people to receive feedback that enables individual learning and 


Our diligent focus on HVAC&R as well as electro-mechanical allows our customers to 

Concentrate on their core business thus delivering their best to the clients. We do believe a 

Comfortable environment increases efficiency and output of people. We at Primax work hard so 

you have a comfortable environment to work and live in.